360° Virtual Tours for Industry

360° Virtual Tours for Industry

Now that in-person interactions are limited and communications have shifted online, how can you present your business in an engaging way?

Unlike in real-estate or a hotel, your customer isn’t looking to move in or to spend their weekend relaxing at your factory (hopefully!). And they don’t need to see every storage room and container. But prospective customers want to know more about your business and capabilities and 360° virtual tours are a great alternative to a PowerPoint presentation or boring corporate video.

Virtual Tours are a unique and affordable way to showcase your factory.

But if you’re proud of facilities and processes why not let your customers look around without the hassle of having to organize an onsite visit. You can showcase your manufacturing processes, take them through your production systems and give them a sense of your capabilities and professionalism. We can also add highlights to Google StreetView to boost your Google My Business Listing.

How Virtual Tours Add Value

You can embed the 360° virtual tours in your website or if you have proprietary processes you’d rather not be made public you can use it as part of a sales presentation taking the clients through your process as if they were actually there. This can also be done over a video call (Zoom, Skype Etc).

Virtual Tour for Virtual and in-person expos

Virtual tours can be viewed with a smartphone or computer but also viewable in a VR headset which really attracts attention at a trade show, expo, or off-site meeting. We can provide VR headsets and training as well as virtual tour production.

Case study – Vitalo – A Plastics Converter

Vitalo is a plastics conversion specialist based near Bangkok. Their customers are technology companies and medical device manufacturers. At first, Kris Withouch, MD of Vitalo Thailand, wasn’t sure he needed a Virtual Tour.

“I didn’t really know what it was for” – Kris

Vitalo’s facilities include state-of-the-art cleanroom capabilities up to class 100/ISO 5. Kris took us around the production lines- the whole factory is pristine and well organized.

“Quote – clients that can visit us are always impressed but..we are located a couple of hours from BKK and there’s no international travel at the moment.” – Kris

Initially, we proposed a full tour that would allow the viewer to explore the entire factory floor. However, after user testing, we instead opted to show selected highlights and keep the whole experience as simple and accessible as possible to all.

Vitalo Packaging Thailand

“Ask Kris, what do you see the benefits of the Virtual Tour?” – Kris

How Can Virtual Tours Help you Grow your Business?

When you need to highlight and make tangible the unique aspects and benefits of your facilities, Virtual Tours are second to none in terms of the experience and value they provide.

Schedule a consultation with our production team to best support your business goals with this new technology, and evaluate how your locations and facilities can be best presented with virtual tours.

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