Things you need to know about Cast Perimeter Lighting

Security has always been a top priority for Cast Lighting, and that’s why the current one is the most advanced and modern technology to keep you and your properties safe. Cast perimeter lighting utilizes the latest LED technology and lighting optics to make your premises secure.

Every year, to secure personal properties, individuals, and critical infrastructures thousands of perimeter fencing are installed. As the security breaches are more expected in the night time, perimeter lighting is an essential part of the security system.

The need for cast perimeter lighting

The cast lighting is first of its kind with low-voltage and mounted security solution, designed in a way that is extremely easy to install without the need of digging deep poles.

Innovative Technology

Cast perimeter lighting utilizes the work frame of disruptive technology and has changed the game of lighting security. With no extra bucks being spent on digging up or erecting the lighting poles, this technology provides you affordable solution to secure the perimeter. You can easily install the lights on existing fences.

The use of modern LED lights, electronics, and optics now allows the dispersion of light to larger distances. The results you get are highly affordable and durable. 

According to research, these lighting materials cost you 60-80% less money as compared to the ones used for high-voltage street lights. 

Integration System

The multiple layers of security system consist of:

  • Fences
  • Camera 
  • Camera analytics
  • Intrusion detection system
  • Lasers etc

Realizing this need, we are offering to integrate these multiple layers of protection by using dry contact from any of these layers.

Features of Cast Perimeter Lighting

Our products are specially designed for the professionals, with the following facilities included:

  • Field-Adjustability
  • Easy installation
  • Robust electronics
  • Durable wire connections

The perimeter cast lights run on both AC and DC power for the remote solar application. Along with the white light products, you can also get the option for buying tunable infrared lights.

Packages for Cast Perimeter Lighting

The package for 1200 inch fence length includes:

  • The light spacing of 20 inches
  • Total of 60 LED lights
  • Low-energy bulbs
  • Even distribution of light

We are offering all these services at an affordable price of $21,257. This price is determined after saving the money on material, operational and installation costs.

Steps to install Perimeter Lighting

We offer easy installation of perimeter lighting with the following steps involved:

  • Step 1: Choosing the right light

The initial step is to decide the suitable lighting solution according to your perimeter needs.

  • Step 2: Estimating distance

The first thing to do in this step involves measuring the length of the total fence, and then determining the distance between each light for light distribution.

  • Step 3: Choose Option

Using our dry contact interface you can have an effective control with photocells and timers.

  • Step 4: Finalizing quote

Contact us and get your customized quote specially tailored for your needs and requirements.

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